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Is Isha Yoga a cult? Is Sadhguru a fraud? – Part1


Is Isha Yoga a cult? Is Sadhguru a fraud? – Part1

Isha Yoga - a cult?

Isha Yoga - a cult?

Coming  from a background of belief and faith, I embrace  spiritual life! However, I also respect and accept all people for their views. Being born a Christian and having lived in India for 20 yrs has given me  a broad view of  life, especially as viewed by others! I have been around  people of  various cultures and rituals and  religions, who use various  portals of entry and  a journey of daily spiritual growth.  I am very happy to say that one of my best friend is a Muslim. I also  have many close  friends who, among others, are  Christians, Muslims and Hindus… 

We all have opinions and rituals too, whether good or bad, right or wrong, its yours to hold on to and mine to either support or counter or be neutral to! Likewise mine to hold onto and yours to do likewise…

Lately, i prefer mostly to  choose  peace than to be right with regards to views and opinions.  However, there are a few things still,  to which,  i  choose to counter or stand up to; atleast from an opinion standpoint!   

Here is one of those few –

Based on my visit to a class with Isha Yoga founder, Sadhguru,  i have encountered too many inconsistencies, in his teachings and his actions and what he supports his followers to do. One such ritual,  one of  hissing like a snake and rolling of  eyes and exchanging garlands by the volunteers, other is cult like chanting and screaming in his presence by his volunteers and many more….  that even to my broad view and accepting mind is hard to digest! Based on over 50 thinigs i observed, examined and gave thought to,   i conclude and call it what it is – My opinion is that Isha Yoga is a cult, cleverly disguised as a way of life for liberation and peace! All good initially, and even convinces educated, knowledgeable men and women into following him like cattle but the devil inside is waiting to coming out… what  am i talkling about?

If you are curious – more in …Is Isha Yoga a cult? Is Sadhguru fraud? – Part2

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