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Natural and simple tips to improve sex life


Natural and simple tips to improve sex life

It may come as a surprise to  some people that  celery can improve your sex life; yet this is very true celery causes the body to release pheromones and this is a hormone that makes guys more attractive to women. Also,  Hugging causes an increase in oxytocin levels, considered to be the love hormone…

This hormone causes a person to feel intimacy, so hugging can help improve the sex life. Dark chocolate boosts energy levels and moods – this can help improve the desire to have sex with your partner. Denying yourself sexual activity, can make an increase in desire, thereby improving the sex life.

There is more in keeping your core strong, staying fit and and eating light that can keep the body in best of health for sexual enjoyment between couples than viewed as a shame!  Natural herbs such as Shilajit and Ashwagandha, that are recommended by ayurveda are few more simple ways to sexually improve stamina and enjoyment.

Finally, nothing like giving to receive when it comes to improving sex life… Certain evergreen principles always hold true, no matter what domain they are referenced in!

Best Wishes and Cheers…

Bringing you simple healthy habits for a lifetime of benefits!

Linus “the marvelous” Eugene

Health Consultant, WYSSYR

(with some assistance from David Prakash, Physiotherapist)

Vibrant Health and Well-being from simple lifestyle changes!

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