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The characteristics of a healthy person! PART3

Healthy? I hope you had a chance to see the – The characteristics of a healthy person! PART1  and part2 in an earlier posts.

I understand its hard to do any of it unless its simple and practical and convenient. I have listed  a few characteristics that you may pick from that could fit your own personal situation of buzy-ness and craziness that may surround you-

– Practice spiritual connection with prayer, meditation and/or deep connection to God or connect with a group that can encourage and support your spiritual growth. Whether you like to believe it or not, we all have challenges and this can certainly help with your health. Preferably daily or as often as possible.

– Practice deep breathing often (preferably daily),

– Practice meditation often (preferably daily),

– Practice some mobility often (preferably daily)  – by mobility i mean walking around, climbing stairs, stretches, postures, therapeutic yoga stretches,

The above are extremely important as they are what your lungs, your mind and your heart.  They  are working 24/7 and therefore of utmost importance to your health and well being.

Also, several other characteristics that are important that one can incorporate come from –

-Practice eating clean often (preferably daily) – You know this already. Many articles and many reports and many researches have been done but gramma’s wisdom basically prevails. By clean, i mean eat whole grain and multi-grain as often as possible, incorporate sprouting of grain and adding them to your diet, incorporate greens and colors like beets, carrots, pomegranates, spinach, brocolli and more…consume less of white poisons like white flour, white sugar, salt, HFCS (high Fructose corn syrup) and any forms of synthesized sugars that put tremendous pressure of organs and endocrine hormonal balance and effectively your inner cellular health.

– Practice cutting back on bottled/canned drinks especially avoid Cokes and Pepsis and all other energy drinks. They are extremely dangerous for you. Especially for the long haul. A easy substitute i have found is Natural Mineral Water or club soda – you get the fizz but not the fuss! :)

– Practice cleaning your pipes. It can be hot herbal tea often, regular fiber intake, foods that detox and cleanse the pipes, etc…

– Be conscious of what you put in your body and on your body!

If you like to have characteristics of a healthy person, you may want to try some or all of the topics mentioned and actually make it part of your personality. You will be at the peak  of health and well-being!  This is indeed the best gift you can give another! Through which you can impact lives and make a difference in other people’s lives…

Cheers and Best Wishes…


Linus Eugene

Healthy lifestyle changes made simple!

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The characteristics of a healthy person! PART2

Simple healthy steps?I hope you had a chance to see the – The characteristics of a healthy person! PART1 in an earlier post.

So what are  traits of a healthy person you ask?

How about not just exercise and diet, or just eating organic food, or just doing yoga or just happy at going to gym twice a week but much much more… Trust me, they are all good in their own right but there is something more to it than just that. Otherwise, Martina Navratilova would not have had breast cancer!  Thank God for the medical community to help us when we are in trouble, but what about proactive and preventative and simpler approach to health? The irony is that it is simple to do if and only if you are committed to a healthy life as a gift to yourself and to others! Otherwise no amount of gizmos and gadgets and videos and audios are of any use for you…

Having said that, there are many “not so popular healthy tips” that could or would help anyone, to get to best of health and well-being. This in turn helps one to have poise in difficult times, a healthy disposition (in mind and body) and  a positivity in daily events. We are all human and we fall, but if we strive even a little in this aspects, the rewards are amazing. I speak some from personal growth and improvement. I am still on the journey … but got the right direction part down!  :)

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Linus Eugene

Healthy lifestyle changes made simple!

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The characteristics of a healthy person! – Part1

Simple healthy steps?Before, i get into that, let me draw your attention to a few people that seem to exude confidence and passion in what they did and seemed to have a positive disposition of  what they did and how they did it…

> Can you recall Bjorn Borg from Tennis hall of fame? Awesome player ain’t he? Do you recall his way of winning or handling critical situations in a match?  He overcame adversities with calmness and poise – didn’t he? It certainly helps if one is born with that demeanour but also anyone can work toward that…

> How about Mother Teresa, she was passionate about her life and purpose and nothing else mattered – right? Was she always that way, when she was a teenager? I do not know but i do know she got awesome in time!

> How about Joe Montana, who played QuarterBack for SF 49ers and was probably the best to play that position. He was  called Joe Cool…He would say everything would stop for him, when he stepped back to throw the ball to his teammate, even when he was pushed to the most critical stages of a game.  His record as a fierce competitor and as a  quaterback is unparalleled.

What are they alluding to? What did they have? Can we have a glimse of that too? As a common man and woman, is it even possible to get anything to this effect in our daily work and our home living?

Whether you are an athlete or a lay person, we all desire to have a tight middle section, less weight and ability to handle stress well and enjoy life to the fullest….

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Linus Eugene

Healthy lifestyle changes made simple!

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