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What was Gandhi’s lifestytle like? Eat, drink and think…


Gandhi Lifestyle? Gandhi Lifestyle?

Mahatma Gandhi is a modern tough guy! He had an amazing lifestyle that combined several components of good healthy  living principles  to make him healthy, well and strong. He looked skinny and fragile, clad in hand made clothes and a signature tall walking stick! We eat so much of processed foods. Even back then, India was very big on making sweets and other fried foods that could have been very enticing.  But Gandhi was different, he was all natural with his diet, he even fasted and was exposed to yoga and meditation and the benefits showed in his walk and in his life.  He was very calm in his approach, but deliberate in his purpose!  In other words,  a peaceful Ironman if you will….  He was dealing with the violence and the aggression of British Empire and the tensions of other leaders who wanted to use violence but he used peace and inner strength and “non-violent” ways to get freedom for India!

 For Gandhi, food was not great that just satisfied appetite. It was an essential part of determining the human awareness. Hence, he carried out a number of experiments to find the perfect diet.  Mahatma Gandhi emphasized wheat and rice in a diet, with puffed rice holding the second place. He felt that cereals should be taken relatively dry for mastication and proper digestion. This was followed by fruits and vegetables. He stressed out that fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables should be eaten raw. The irony is he also fasted a lot of times to regulate the body which corrects and detoxes. Regular fasting always helps cleanse the body and keep the mind more alert and was part of his healthy regimen.

 Though Gandhi is associated in being a  vegetarian and drank milk, he actually gave up milk as he realized it to be a derived animal product.

 In one of Gandhi’s dietetic experiments, he, along with a group of volunteers, was put on a raw food diet.  Gandhi always believed that appropriate mastication of food could reduce food intake and help with digestion.   Overall, his diet, the kind of natural foods he ate, how he ate them, thoughts he had, the humanitarian he was and the heart he had for the downtrodden made him  definitely a champion human being. Gandhi’s lifestyle was just amazing! The way he went about to eat, drink and think, he was and is the man to imitate!

Can you at least in one or two things ? :)



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